Top Tips to Know About Czech Republic as a Tourist Destination

Top 5 Things That Make the Czech Republic a Popular Destination

If you are planning to visit Europe and you have a list of places you want to see, I would encourage you to add the Czech Republic to it. You may have heard from peers or read from the internet about the former Slovakian nation in the heart of Europe. Visit the country to get firsthand experience of the hospitality of the locals and explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Also, get a glimpse of medieval history from as early as the 14th century. Here are some of the crucial things you should know about this fascinating and beautiful country.

Experience Czech Rich History

Formally known as Czechoslovakia, now an independent nation with self-society since 1990 after peacefully separating from Slovakia. On top of that, the Czech Republic boasts of having some of the most attractive cities in Europe. To start with, the capital city of Prague combines a medieval and modern culture attributed by fascinating history. Touring Czech Republic can’t be complete without visiting beautiful ornate castles that are built using an unusual architectural approach. In fact, it does not matter which month you visit as you will find opened villas even at the extreme weather on winters. Some of the famous castles include the Prague Castle, which is a popular destination for both the locals and foreign tourists. Another magnificent place is Karlstejn Castle, widely known for the free roam permission during summers. However, in winters, you must be accompanied by a tour guide when exploring the castle grounds. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t tour these castles to experience the rich history of this beautiful country.

Enjoy Good Weather

Just like most European countries, the Czech Republic has adventurous climate throughout the year. You can visit the nation during winter and still enjoy the experience of snow. As previously mentioned, you will not lack a castle to visit even when it is snowing as other places may be closed. Though summer is the best time to explore this nation, I would also recommend you to check the various destinations in winter as the country is not overcrowded then. In addition to that, summers offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy activities such as hiking and other outdoor sports. It also provides enjoyable Plague nightlife as you don’t have to dress so warmly. While exploring the famous nightlife in Czech, you will find fun joints and bars open until late hours. Also, when you are packing, ensure that you have carried the right wears as the weather can change from a hot sunny afternoon to chilly and rainy even in summer.  However, whatever time you choose to tour the country you will get memorable and adventurous moments.

Know a Bit of the Language

Most of the Czech Republic natives are have proficiency in other languages such as German and Russian on top of the country`s official language – Czech. However, in recent times, you will not miss finding English speaking locals all over the country. Despite the use of other languages, you can encounter some communication barriers in some areas. For instance, in my last visit to a local village deep in the Czech Republic, I came across a menu written in Czech without help in English to Czech translation, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the local delicacy. Such an application is essential to have in your phone for it will help you navigate the communication constraints. The locals also appreciate a visitor who tries to communicate using their language. Don’t miss to make friends while learning their language. Another thing I observed about Czechian is that they are hospitable people, and if you mispronounce their words, they will help you.

Budget Appropriately for Your Trip

Contrary to the expensive nature of other European cities such as Paris and London, Prague and other Czech cities are relatively affordable. The country has a vibrant transport system that is reliable and convenient. You can use public transport from one point to another, which can help you save time and money. Also, the local eatery has delicious and affordable food that you will enjoy. In addition to that, the Czech Republic has the leading beer-drinking population in Europe. Thus, making beer and local drinks not only affordable but also enjoyable. For accommodation, you will get hotels with pocket-friendly prices, and if you are on a tight budget, you can consider spending nights in hostels. With a budget of 1800kc per day (equivalent to $80), you will not only get a comfortable place to sleep, delicious meals but as well as travel to various destinations within the Czech Republic.

Taste Delicious Food and Famous Drinks

Czech people are hospitable and offer a wide range of cuisine and delicacy. For a meat lover, be sure you will find some pork, dumplings, and duck at the table. Vegetarians are also considered, and you will get something mouthwatering. On top of that, you will find foods from other parts of the world as well. Did I mention drinks? You will be served with a variety of beer or wine at any party in the Czech Republic. Czech beer is very popular, and that is why the locals enjoy it to the extent of making them as the high beer drinkers in the world.

Whether you want to study, work, or tour the Czech Republic, you are sure to enjoy and have a memorable story to tell. The hospitality nature of the locals, the rich history of the country as well as affordable and delicious meals make tourists from all the world troop the nation. Cheap drinks, transport, and accommodation are also other factors that make Czech an ideal destination to add to your tour list.